Record $3,500,000 Jury Verdict in 35th Judicial Circuit.   

In September 2012 in Conecuh County Circuit Court, Max Cassady obtained a $3.5 Million verdict against Guyoung Tech, U.S.A.   More information here
Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate.

The firm handles a wide variety of civil matters, and has recovered in excess of $1,000,000 in multiple legal malpractice cases and has recovered in excess of $3,000,000 in a personal injury, products liability mass tort matter.  Cases usually come to the firm through referring attorneys.  In 2009 Mr. Cassady was selected by other lawyers as one of Alabama's Super Lawyers in the field of employment law.   In 2011 he was named by Best Lawyers in the field of personal injury.   In 2012 he was named by  Best Lawyers in the filed of professional liability and personal injury.   E-Mail Max Cassady.
Academics, Judicial Internship, Associations, Publications 

Mr. Cassady attended the University of Alabama School of Law, where he was a member of the Alabama Law Review. He received the highest grade in Property I and Property II.  After law school he served two years in the chambers of Chief United States District Judge Alex T. Howard, Jr.  Following law school Mr. Cassady associated with the Mobile, Alabama defense firm of Johnstone Adams and he subsequently associated with the Mobile, Alabama claimant's firm of Burns, Cunningham & Mackey, P.C. In 2011 he became a member of the Editorial Board of the Alabama Lawyer, published monthly to all Alabama licensed lawyers.   Mr. Cassady has run 26.2 mile marathons in several states and a 50K.  The firm embraces technology as a competitive edge.  Publications include "Tortfeasors Dressed in White," which addresses tort claims for post-judgment denial of worker's compensation medical benefits. 


Conecuh County Attorney Max Cassady 

CASSADY & CASSADY, PC                 MOBILE METRO/ FAIRHOPE /BALDWIN               CONECUH/EVERGREEN       251-578-5252 / 928-9558                                                       

Law School Honors

Best Paper in Class Award: Estate Planning
Best Paper in Class Award: Wills and Trusts 
Best Paper in Class Award: Tax I
Best Paper in Class Award: Civil Procedure I
Best Paper in Class Award: Contracts I
Best Paper in Class Award: First Amendment
Best Paper in Class Award: Remedies
Best Paper in Class Award: Constitutional Law I
Best Paper in Class Award: Constitutional Law II
Outstanding First Year Student Award (1998-1999)
Member, Jones Law Review, 2000
2nd Highest Academic Ranking upon Graduation

About Utopia Cassady

Utopia ("Topie") Conger Cassady grew up in Jackson, Tennessee, where her father was a 4 consecutive term mayor and her mother was a public school teacher.   After receiving her Masters in Medical Social Work from Tulane with a Certificate in Gerontology, she began her first career working for the New Orleans AIDS Project at a time when society often treated AIDS patients as lepers.  She continued that work in Alabama for Mobile AIDS Support Services.   She gained further experience in the medical community as a medical social worker at Mobile Infirmary and at the University of South Alabama Medical Center. In 2001 she graduated from law school and was admitted to the Alabama Bar.  Her prior experience in medical social work interacting with Medicare, Medicaid, and the Social Security Administration, provided her with skills not taught in law school. Those skills translated effectively into her wills, trusts, estates, elder law, Social Security disability, and probate practice. Her work has included succession planning and asset protection for families experiencing rapid wealth growth due to oil exploration in Conecuh County, Alabama.    When litigation is necessary to protect clients, she works closely with her partner, who is board certified in civil trial law.   E-Mail Topie. View map showing location of the Fairhope office, which is two doors south from the landmark Fairhope Pharmacy.

Education and Bar Admissions

Centre College, 1983-1985
Louisiana State University, B.A., 1987
Tulane University School of Social Work, MSW. 1988
Tulane University School of Social Work, Certificate in Gerontology, 1988
Alabama State Bar, 2001 - Present
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Alabama, 2002 - Present
U.S. District Court, Middle District of Alabama 2001-Present
Conecuh County Bar Association, 2001-2004
Baldwin County Bar Association, 2005-Present

"I strongly recommend Max Cassady for real estate and professional liability litigation.  He filed suit for us and achieved a confidential settlement that I was completely satisfied with." Nathan Cox, Bellator Real Estate Development, Inc.
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Article 1 General Provisions.
Section 43-2-1 Recordation of letters and bonds; transcripts as evidence.
Article 2 Grant of Letters Testamentary of Administration.
Division 1 Grant of Letters Testamentary.
Section 43-2-20 Generally.
Section 43-2-21 Form.
Section 43-2-22 Disqualification of certain persons to serve as executor or administrator.
Section 43-2-23 Issuance of letters to married woman.
Section 43-2-24 Supplemental letters for minors and married women upon removal of disability.
Section 43-2-25 Procedure for renouncing appointment.
Section 43-2-26 Issuance of letters to others named in will upon renunciation or failure to apply by one named.
Section 43-2-27 Letters of administration granted in stated order on failure of executor to apply, etc.
Section 43-2-28 Death of sole or surviving executor.
Section 43-2-29 Grant of letters testamentary after revocation of letters of administration.
Division 2 Grant of Letters of Administration.
Section 43-2-40 Generally.
Section 43-2-41 Form.
Section 43-2-42 Order of grant of administration.
Section 43-2-43 Renunciation or relinquishment of right to administration.
Section 43-2-44 Grant of administration when more than one person entitled thereto; preference of whole blood over half blood.
Section 43-2-45 Letters not granted until five days after intestate's death; examination of applicants and witnesses.
Section 43-2-46 Postponing issuance of letters during time for appeal.
Section 43-2-47 Special administrator ad colligendum.
Section 43-2-48 Conclusiveness of letters.
Article 3 Notice of Appointment of Executors or Administrators.
Section 43-2-60 Generally; time of notice.
Section 43-2-61 Manner of giving notice.
Section 43-2-62 Penalty for failure to give notice.
Article 4 Bonds of Executors and Administrators.
Section 43-2-82 Liability of judge in taking bond.
Section 43-2-83 Discharge of surety; new bond.
Section 43-2-84 Bond of applicant when administration committed to general administrator or sheriff.
Section 43-2-85 Bond of general administrator.
Section 43-2-86 Additional bond of general administrator.
Section 43-2-87 Additional bond of sheriff.
Section 43-2-88 When sureties discharged by additional bond.
Section 43-2-89 Force and obligations of former bonds continued.
Section 43-2-90 Rights of sureties among themselves.
Section 43-2-91 Bonds valid and operative as statutory bonds.
Section 43-2-92 Conditional execution or delivery of bond.
Section 43-2-93 Reducing amount of bond.
Article 5 Liability of Executors and Administrators.
Section 43-2-110 Limits of liability generally.
Section 43-2-111 Liability for damages recovered under sections 6-5-391, 6-5-410 or 25-6-3.
Section 43-2-112 Executor or administrator of decedent who wasted or converted another decedent's assets.
Section 43-2-113 Executor de son tort.
Section 43-2-114 Resignation as defense.
Article 6 Actions by and Against Executors and Administrators.
Division 1 General Provisions.
Section 43-2-130 Venue; service of process.
Section 43-2-131 Limitation on actions against executor or administrator.
Section 43-2-132 Actions begun by special administrator not abated.
Section 43-2-133 Succeeding executor or administrator to be made party to civil actions.
Section 43-2-134 Judgments against administrators in chief revived against administrators de bonis non.
Section 43-2-135 Actions against survivor of two or more executors or administrators.
Section 43-2-136 Survival of actions for damages to realty.
Section 43-2-137 Action on bond.
Section 43-2-138 Action by legatee to recover legacy.
Section 43-2-139 Inventory as evidence.
Division 2 Execution and Garnishment to Enforce Judgments and Decrees Against Personal Representatives.
Section 43-2-150 Enforcement of judgments, etc., of probate court against representatives - Generally.
Section 43-2-151 Enforcement of judgments, etc., of probate court against representatives - Liability of sureties.
Section 43-2-152 Enforcement of judgment rendered against decedent before his death.
Section 43-2-153 Enforcement of judgment of circuit court against representative.
Section 43-2-154 Purchase of property sold under execution.
Section 43-2-155 Right of succeeding representative to execution.
Article 7 County or General Administrators.
Section 43-2-170 Appointment and duties generally; term of office.
Section 43-2-171 Time delay for committing administration of estate.
Section 43-2-172 Commitment of administration to sheriff.
Section 43-2-173 Resignation and removal - Generally.
Section 43-2-174 Resignation and removal - Appointment of successor.
Section 43-2-175 Record of official acts.
Article 8 Nonresidents as Executors and Administrators.
Section 43-2-190 Applications for letters testamentary or of administration.
Section 43-2-191 Appointment of nonresident executor - Generally.
Section 43-2-192 Appointment of nonresident executor - Filing of copies of will and letters testamentary; bond and surety.
Section 43-2-193 Appointment of nonresident administrator.
Section 43-2-194 Manner of administering and settling estate.
Section 43-2-195 Collection of debts and deposits by nonresident personal representative.
Section 43-2-196 Right to maintain actions.
Section 43-2-197 Liability to actions; venue.
Section 43-2-198 Service of process - Generally.
Section 43-2-199 Service of process - Citations or notices, etc.; return of process.
Section 43-2-200 Liability of sureties to execution.
Article 9 Foreign Executors and Administrators.
Section 43-2-210 Bond.
Section 43-2-211 Right to maintain actions and recover or receive property in state.
Section 43-2-212 Action not affected by grant of letters of administration in state; right of intervention.
Section 43-2-213 Plaintiff required to prove compliance with section 43-2-211.
Section 43-2-214 Protection afforded by delivery of property or recovery of judgment.
Article 10 Administration of Estates of Persons Presumed Dead.
Section 43-2-230 Applications for letters of administration.
Section 43-2-231 Appointment of personal representative.
Section 43-2-232 Hearing.
Section 43-2-233 Publication of notice of presumption of death.
Section 43-2-234 Issuance of letters of administration.
Section 43-2-236 Revocation of letters upon proof that supposed decedent is alive - Substitution of parties; reopening judgments.
Section 43-2-235 Revocation of letters upon proof that supposed decedent is alive - Distribution of assets.
Section 43-2-237 Costs.
Section 43-2-238 Applicability of other laws relating to administration of decedents' estates.
Article 11 Administrators Ad Litem.
Section 43-2-250 Appointment.
Section 43-2-251 Decree in favor of administrator ad litem.
Section 43-2-252 Execution on money decree or judgment.
Section 43-2-253 Enforcement of decree or judgment for recovery of property.
Section 43-2-254 Enforcement of decree or judgment when administrator adversely interested.
Section 43-2-255 Duty of judge, clerk or register to make payment; penalty.
Section 43-2-256 Compensation of administrator ad litem.
Article 12 Resignation, Removal, etc., of Executors or Administrators.
Division 1 General Provisions.
Section 43-2-270 Filing and recordation of resignation.
Section 43-2-271 Liability for assets upon resignation.
Section 43-2-272 Duty of probate court to grant letters of administration upon vacancy.
Section 43-2-274 Appointment of administrator after final settlement.
Section 43-2-275 Removal of resident executor from state.
Division 2 Removal and Proceedings to Require New or Additional Bond.
Section 43-2-290 Causes of removal generally.
Section 43-2-291 Rights terminated by sentence of imprisonment.
Section 43-2-292 Additional bond may be required; removal for default.
Section 43-2-293 Application for removal or additional bond.
Section 43-2-294 Service of citation.
Section 43-2-295 Notice by publication.
Section 43-2-296 Trial.
Section 43-2-297 Costs.
Section 43-2-298 Order to give additional bond.
Section 43-2-299 Removal or additional bond on motion of court.
Article 13 Collection, Inventory, and Appraisement of Personal Property.
Section 43-2-311 Testator may exempt executor from filing inventory or making report or final settlement.
Section 43-2-312 Contents of inventory.
Section 43-2-313 Oath upon return of inventory.
Section 43-2-318 Exhibit showing condition of estate.
Article 14 Keeping Estates Together.
Section 43-2-330 Authorization by probate court to keep estate together; term.
Section 43-2-331 Extension of time upon showing of good cause.
Section 43-2-332 When distributed share kept and worked with undivided portion of estate.
Section 43-2-333 Payment of profits to share owners.
Section 43-2-334 Order authorizing hiring of laborers - Generally.
Section 43-2-335 Order authorizing hiring of laborers - Petition; notice and hearing.
Section 43-2-336 Cultivation under direction of executor or administrator.
Section 43-2-337 Preceding sections not to be construed so as to conflict with will.
Section 43-2-338 Annual settlements.
Section 43-2-339 Certain rights not affected by provisions of article.
Article 15 Claims and Debts.
Division 1 Presentation.
Section 43-2-350 Time and manner of filing claims - Generally.
Section 43-2-351 Time and manner of filing claims - Exception as to minors or persons of unsound mind.
Section 43-2-352 Verification of claims.
Section 43-2-353 Revival of pending action considered as presentation.
Section 43-2-354 Notice and hearing; judgment; costs; appeals.
Division 2 Payment and Preference.
Section 43-2-371 Order of preference.
Section 43-2-370 Property charged with payment of debts.
Section 43-2-372 No preference among debts of same class.
Section 43-2-373 Payment of claims barred by statute of limitations.
Section 43-2-374 When executor or administrator protected in payment of debts.
Section 43-2-375 Payment of debts not due.
Division 3 Sale, Compromise, and Settlement.
Section 43-2-390 Authorization to compromise or sell claims.
Section 43-2-391 Notice and hearing.
Section 43-2-392 Report.
Section 43-2-393 When executor or administrator may give note, etc., to extend or settle debt.
Section 43-2-394 Compounding with and discharge of debtor.
Article 16 Sale of Personal Property.
Section 43-2-410 Power of sale conferred.
Section 43-2-411 Notice of application.
Section 43-2-412 Contesting application.
Section 43-2-413 Notice of sale.
Section 43-2-414 Hours of sale.
Section 43-2-415 Terms of sale.
Section 43-2-416 When bid rejected and sale postponed.
Section 43-2-417 Resale upon failure of purchaser to comply with terms; liability for deficiency.
Section 43-2-418 Completion, gathering and sale of crops commenced by decedent.
Section 43-2-419 Sale of farm products.
Section 43-2-420 Assignment or transfer of mortgages, notes or accounts.
Section 43-2-421 Stock in trade.
Section 43-2-422 Returns of accounts of sales.
Article 17 Renting and Sale of Real Estate.
Division 1 For Payment of Debts and for Division.
Section 43-2-441 Authorization to sell - Where will exists.
Section 43-2-440 Renting of lands.
Section 43-2-442 Authorization to sell - In case of intestacy.
Section 43-2-443 Authorization to sell - Sale for division.
Section 43-2-444 Application for sale.
Section 43-2-445 Notice and hearing generally; time for hearing; appointment of guardian ad litem.
Section 43-2-446 Notice to nonresidents.
Section 43-2-447 Notice to unknown parties; appointment of special guardian; disposition of shares.
Section 43-2-448 Duties and compensation of guardian ad litem and special guardian.
Section 43-2-450 Order of sale for payment of debts.
Section 43-2-451 Proof of facts on application to sell for division; order of sale.
Section 43-2-452 When depositions required.
Section 43-2-453 Evidence of title.
Section 43-2-454 Dismissal of application upon failure of proof.
Section 43-2-455 Advertisement of sale.
Section 43-2-456 Applicability of sections 43-2-414, 43-2-416 and 43-2-417.
Section 43-2-457 How purchase money secured.
Section 43-2-458 Place of sale.
Section 43-2-459 Report and examination of sale - Generally.
Section 43-2-460 Report and examination of sale - Notice and hearing.
Section 43-2-461 Setting aside sale; resale.
Section 43-2-462 Confirmation of sale.
Section 43-2-463 Report of payment of purchase money.
Section 43-2-464 Conveyance.
Section 43-2-465 Right of purchaser to cite executor or administrator to report sale.
Section 43-2-467 Correction of mistake in description of lands sold.
Section 43-2-468 Sale or division of land received on compromise.
Division 2 Sale of Land for Payment of Legacies.
Section 43-2-480 Authorization to sell.
Section 43-2-481 Application for sale.
Section 43-2-482 Notice; proceedings; order of sale.
Article 18 Settlements and Distributions.
Division 1 General Provisions.
Section 43-2-500 When annual or partial settlement required.
Section 43-2-501 When final settlement may be made.
Section 43-2-502 Filing of account, etc. - Generally.
Section 43-2-503 Filing of account, etc. - Liability for failure to file statement.
Section 43-2-504 Appointment of guardian ad litem.
Section 43-2-505 Time for settlement; notice generally.
Section 43-2-506 Settlement by consent without notice.
Section 43-2-507 Auditing of account; proof of credits.
Section 43-2-508 Satisfaction of claims.
Section 43-2-509 Liability of executor or administrator for interest or profits.
Section 43-2-510 Credit for expenses of minor distributees.
Section 43-2-511 Contest of account - Generally.
Section 43-2-512 Contest of account - Showing of failure to discharge trust, etc.
Section 43-2-513 Contest of account - Examination of witnesses.
Section 43-2-514 Contest of account - Reduction or disallowance of item.
Section 43-2-515 Contest of account - Withdrawal of item.
Section 43-2-516 Decree passing account as stated.
Section 43-2-517 Appointment and compensation of special guardian.
Section 43-2-518 Reexamination of items included in previous settlements.
Section 43-2-519 Notice of annual or partial settlement; conclusiveness of order or decree; reopening account.
Division 2 Compelling Settlement by Existing Executor or Administrator.
Section 43-2-530 Authorization to compel settlement.
Section 43-2-531 Issuance of citation; notice; when court required to examine, audit or restate account.
Section 43-2-532 Proceedings on settlement of account.
Section 43-2-533 Setting aside decree.
Division 3 Compelling Settlement of Executor or Administrator Whose Authority Has Ceased.
Section 43-2-550 Final settlement required following death, removal or resignation of executor or administrator.
Section 43-2-551 Making succeeding executor or administrator party to settlement.
Section 43-2-552 Decree for balance - Generally.
Section 43-2-553 Decree for balance - Decree in favor of outgoing executor or administrator; insolvent estates.
Section 43-2-554 When execution may be stayed.
Section 43-2-555 Stating account or compelling settlement by attachment.
Section 43-2-556 Issuance of citation; notice; when court required to examine, audit or restate account.
Section 43-2-557 Proceedings on final settlement of account.
Section 43-2-558 Setting aside decree.
Section 43-2-559 Other actions not barred.
Section 43-2-560 Settlement by sureties of deceased executor or administrator - Filing account and vouchers.
Section 43-2-561 Settlement by sureties of deceased executor or administrator - Making representative of deceased executor or administrator party to settlement.
Section 43-2-562 Settlement by sureties of deceased executor or administrator - Petition for order requiring sureties to make settlement.
Section 43-2-563 Settlement by sureties of deceased executor or administrator - Conclusiveness of settlement.
Section 43-2-564 Settlement by sureties of deceased executor or administrator - Execution against sureties.
Division 4 Compelling Payment of Legacies.
Section 43-2-580 When legatee or widow entitled to compel payment.
Section 43-2-581 Application.
Section 43-2-582 Time for hearing; notice to executor or administrator.
Section 43-2-583 Conduct of hearing; when payment or delivery directed.
Section 43-2-584 Refunding bond.
Section 43-2-585 Enforcement of payment or delivery.
Section 43-2-586 Applicability of sections 43-2-581 through 43-2-585 to widow.
Division 5 Arbitration on Settlement of Estates.
Section 43-2-600 When matters of controversy may be referred to arbitration.
Section 43-2-601 Consent by guardian.
Section 43-2-602 Appointment of arbitrators.
Section 43-2-603 Award - Generally.
Section 43-2-604 Award - Force and effect; execution.
Section 43-2-605 Award - Setting aside; second reference.
Section 43-2-606 Award - Objections.
Section 43-2-607 Applicability of certain sections in Title 6.
Division 6 Distribution or Division on Final Settlement.
Section 43-2-620 Orders of distribution - Generally.
Section 43-2-621 Orders of distribution - To whom directed; contents.
Section 43-2-622 Orders of distribution - Oath; return; exceptions to report.
Section 43-2-623 Confirming or setting aside distribution; when sale may be directed.
Section 43-2-624 How sale advertised and made.
Section 43-2-625 Delivery of property upon confirmation.
Section 43-2-626 Division, sale or assignment of judgments or claims.
Section 43-2-627 Setting off indebtedness of distributee or legatee.
Section 43-2-628 Discharge of executor or administrator from liability.
Section 43-2-629 Disposition of personal estate of foreign decedent.
Division 7 Distribution Before Settlement.
Section 43-2-640 Authorization to make distribution - Distribution by executor or administrator.
Section 43-2-641 Authorization to make distribution - Distribution by court after six months from grant of letters.
Section 43-2-642 Contents of application.
Section 43-2-643 Time for hearing; notice.
Section 43-2-644 When distribution made; limit on amount.
Section 43-2-646 Refunding bonds - Recordation; transcript as evidence.
Section 43-2-645 Refunding bonds - Required; terms and conditions.
Section 43-2-647 Refunding bonds - Bond stands as security; action on bond.
Section 43-2-648 Refunding bonds - Rights of parties among themselves.
Section 43-2-649 Costs.
Division 8 Presumption of Settlement After 20 Years.
Section 43-2-660 When presumption arises.
Section 43-2-661 Petition to establish presumption.
Section 43-2-662 Notice of hearing on petition.
Section 43-2-663 Contest.
Section 43-2-664 Order after hearing.
Division 9 Compensation, Commissions, Fees, etc.
Section 43-2-682 Court may allow compensation or attorney's fees up to time of settlement.
Section 43-2-683 Previous fees considered upon final settlement.
Division 10 Summary Distribution of Small Estates.
Section 43-2-690 Short title.
Section 43-2-691 Definitions.
Section 43-2-692 Petition for summary distribution; when surviving spouse or distributee entitled to personal property without administration.
Section 43-2-693 Entry of order directing summary distribution.
Section 43-2-694 Transfer of property or evidence of rights therein to surviving spouse or distributees.
Section 43-2-695 Limitation on defeasible rights of surviving spouse or distributees.
Section 43-2-696 Effect of transfer pursuant to affidavit.
Article 19 Insolvent Estates.
Division 1 General Provisions.
Section 43-2-700 Order and preference of payment of debts.
Section 43-2-701 Report of insolvency - Generally.
Section 43-2-702 Report of insolvency - Statement to be filed with report.
Section 43-2-703 Report of insolvency - Affidavit accompanying report and statement.
Section 43-2-704 Time for hearing; notice of hearing.
Section 43-2-705 Trial of issue of insolvency to be by jury.
Section 43-2-706 Payment of costs.
Section 43-2-707 Declaration of insolvency.
Section 43-2-708 Second declaration by succeeding administrator not necessary.
Section 43-2-709 Appeals.
Division 2 Nomination and Election of Administrators of Insolvent Estates.
Section 43-2-720 When creditors may make nomination; who may be nominated.
Section 43-2-721 Voting procedure generally; proof of claims required.
Section 43-2-722 Person receiving plurality appointed administrator.
Section 43-2-723 Discretion of court upon failure of creditors to attend.
Section 43-2-724 Former letters revoked upon appointment; property vested in administrator.
Section 43-2-725 Vacancy.
Division 3 Filing and Allowing Claims Against Insolvent Estates.
Section 43-2-740 Time and manner of filing claims - Generally.
Section 43-2-741 Time and manner of filing claims - Time allowed certain minors and persons of unsound mind.
Section 43-2-742 Time and manner of filing claims - Claims verified in another state.
Section 43-2-743 Time and manner of filing claims - Claims verified in foreign country.
Section 43-2-744 Receipt for claim; endorsement by judge.
Section 43-2-745 Claims docket.
Section 43-2-746 When claim allowed without further proof.
Section 43-2-747 Objections.
Section 43-2-748 Allowance of due part of claim.
Section 43-2-749 Debt not due.
Section 43-2-750 Claim allowed after partial distribution.
Section 43-2-751 Action by creditor to recover dividend.
Division 4 Settlement of Insolvent Estates.
Section 43-2-770 When settlement must be made.
Section 43-2-771 Decree.
Division 5 Sale of and Actions for Lands of Insolvent Estates.
Section 43-2-790 Application for order for sale - Generally.
Section 43-2-791 Application for order for sale - Form and contents; verification; notice to heirs and devisees.
Section 43-2-792 Action by administrator for recovery of lands.
Division 6 Report or Decree of Insolvency as Affecting Pending Civil Actions.
Section 43-2-810 Continuance upon showing of insolvency.
Section 43-2-811 Special plea of insolvency.
Section 43-2-812 Judgment certified to probate court; execution for costs.
Section 43-2-813 Effect of order or decree of insolvency certified to other courts after judgment or decree therein rendered.
Article 20 Probate Procedure Act.
Section 43-2-830 Devolution of estate at death; restrictions.
Section 43-2-831 Time of accrual of duties and powers.
Section 43-2-832 Priority among different letters.
Section 43-2-833 General duties; relation and liability to persons interested in estate; standing to sue.
Section 43-2-834 Personal representative to proceed without court order; exception.
Section 43-2-835 Duty of personal representative; inventory and appraisement.
Section 43-2-836 Duty of personal representative; supplementary inventory.
Section 43-2-837 Duty of personal representative; possession of estate.
Section 43-2-838 Power to avoid transfers.
Section 43-2-839 Powers of personal representatives; in general.
Section 43-2-840 Improper exercise of power; breach of fiduciary duty.
Section 43-2-841 Sale, encumbrance, or transaction involving conflict of interest; voidable; exceptions.
Section 43-2-842 Persons dealing with personal representative; protection.
Section 43-2-843 Transactions authorized for personal representatives; exceptions.
Section 43-2-844 Transactions authorized for personal representatives; prior court approval.
Section 43-2-845 Powers and duties of successor personal representative.
Section 43-2-846 Co-representatives; when joint action required.
Section 43-2-847 Powers of surviving personal representative.
Section 43-2-848 Compensation of personal representative.
Section 43-2-849 Expenses in estate litigation.
Section 43-2-850 Proceedings for review of employment of agents and compensation of personal representatives and employees of estate.
Section 43-2-851 Bond.
Section 43-2-852 Terms and requirements of bonds.
Section 43-2-853 Application to existing estates.
Section 43-2-854 Avoiding conflicts of law.
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